Ælswith urges Alfred to kill Æthelwold. He admits to being in Cornwalum with Uhtred. ("Episode 1.2"), Once Uhtred and Brida arrive in Winchester, Father Beocca takes them to see Alfred. Alfred then tells Pyrlig to write a letter to Æthelred to inform him of the pending battle. Edward and Ecgwynn's marriage was one of the sweeter relationships on the show because it was born out of love. She assures them that she is well, as is her family. ("Episode 3.7"), Alfred resumes the Witan and calls Æthelwold forward. Uhtred admits he did so, but the man was guilty. The King returns to the hall and orders Uhtred to be killed. And he lastly request that Uhtred serve him. He also informs Alfred of a former Saxon slave Uhtred, whom Beocca had known as a child. He’s come with a letter that tells of a vision and prophecy. They have an army at Beamfleot. Alfred grants Leofric’s request. And for his actions, Æthelwold will be blinded. ("Episode 3.8"), Pyrlig takes Æthelhelm to the hall to meet with Alfred and Ælswith. Alfred still entrusted him with the future of Wessex by making him part of the Witan and also an advisor to Edward. ("Episode 1.7"), Beocca and Wulfhere arrive in the marshes. Aethelwold was a snake that Alfred should have kept out of the politics the moment he became king. He accuses Alfred of deserting Wessex. She's near. Alfred’s priests have visited the swamplands before to preach as the people of the marshlands are oblivious to God. He asks if Hilda found her lasting peace. Not to mention, he serves Alfred reluctantly. While today is about stability, Beocca tells the king that the fear must be dispatched. He always answered Alfred's call, helped train his armies, and fought his battles. Winchester, Wessex Also, he reveals that the church in Cynuit was destroyed and the monks there killed. The problem could have been solved in the first season of The Last Kingdom if Alfred had granted Uhtred's wish. The Last Kingdom's King Alfred is supposed to be England's Alfred The Great -but has he lived up to the namesake? When Aelswith demanded that Uhtred be killed for his crimes against the church, Alfred agreed and regretted it almost immediately. However, Alfred is reluctant to kill his own brother’s son. Bishop Erkenwald states that Edward’s wife has chosen to enter a nunnery. Died of illness. He then tasks Father Pyrlig with traveling to East Anglia to deliver a letter to King Æthelstan. The rest of the army will be inland looking for food. ("Episode 2.6"), King Alfred, Ælswith, and Odda get news of Æthelred’s return from war. However, Alfred never shared the same sentiments as he never treated Aelswith right. Alfred the Great (848/9 – 26 October 899) was king of the West Saxons from 871 to c. 886 and king of the Anglo-Saxons from c. 886 to 899. As for Æthelred, he is a good and godly man. Besides, Uhtred has saved Alfred's children more times than he could count. Beocca arrives with a message from Bishop Alewold. Alfred is merciful. By pardoning him, Uhtred can now become Edward’s advisor. Ælswith watches as they leave. ("Episode 3.3"), Alfred asks Beocca about Uhtred’s children. Beocca tries to stop Uhtred but he continues to explain how he and he alone took down Ubba. He was the King of the Wessex. Out of all the rulers on the show, most fans will agree that Alfred was the best leader. Ælswith would like for them to take a ship to Frankia, but he doesn’t want to travel with his son in the condition he is in. Alfred asks Æthelhelm’s opinion of Uhtred, who he sees as nothing more than an outlaw. She also didn't deserve to be neglected by Alfred either. While his reign was a success, some decisions he made were not worthy of a king. Uhtred questions what will happen to Odda for raising the fyrd. And so, only one eye on will be taken. He explains that the pains have subdued due to the tonic from Iseult, who Ælswith believes to be a witch. "Episode 1.2" Alfred and Odda order for a shield wall as the Danes charge towards them. Alfred wants Beocca to inform Uhtred that Edward has withdrawn his support. They will strip them of what they have plundered and show them no mercy. RELATED: The Last Kingdom: 10 Worst Things Aelswith Did. Nothing has changed since he’s been crowned, as the Danes still rummage the lands. Before long, Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth arrive with Lady Æthelflæd. Beocca suggests that Uhtred beg, but he refuses. She then tells Alfred that once the marriage is made that he should consider making Æthelred earn his privileges. He no longer serves a purpose, and so Alfred sends him back to his estate. ("Episode 2.2"), Winchester; Kingdom of Wessex. Winchester, Wessex Aelswith married Alfred in 868 and stayed by his side until his death 31 years … All he asks is that Uhtred remain in Winchester until he is crowned the King. Alfred wishes for him to be invested into the history of Wessex. They find Uhtred watching over Iseult and Edward. He has a suitor in mind, but needs reassures that he won’t merely become a poor cousin of Wessex. Abbot Eadred (David Schofield) experiences a holy vision that tells him Guthred, the rightful king of … the last kingdom: was uhtred at the battle of beamfleot? They will join him at the Burh of Aescengum. Not only is he conflicted about his family, but it's clear to all that Edward doesn't even love her. Alfred tells Uhtred to resume his debt, dispatch Iseult back to Cornwalum and there won’t be any need for bloodshed. Alfred demands the name of the priest or he will send for the girl. But right now, the crown is the only thing of importance. However, Odda wants Uhtred held accountable. After the celebration, Uhtred and Æthelred are to travel to London to assess the threat. Alfred is Wessex. He asks why Uhtred has come. Uhtred is a sword that Alfred would rather wield than face. Uhtred arrives and informs them of Æthelflæd’s health.The Danes have been boasting about her abduction and outrageous demands are soon to follow. ("Episode 1.4"), Alfred and his men arrive at Wareham, where he demands the Danes exit Wessex by ship back to East Anglia in one month's time. However, Alfred reiterates that they will maintain the peace. Ælswith informs Æthelflæd that he is the father of Mercia. He is by far their most accomplished warrior and has been nothing but loyal. Ælswith wants the truth. Ceolwulf wants Uhtred and 50 men to defend his border. Æthelred informs Alfred that his gift of warriors has served Mercia well this winter. Ælswith tells Odda not to say anything. In Alfred's hall are thousands of scrolls, in which he writes down the comings and goings and happenings of all friends and enemies that his spies have managed to gather. Steapa helps him onto his horse and he and Beocca follow behind. He tells them how he traveled to Dunholm, where he crossed paths with Uhtred and Æthelwold. The Danes have now hostilely taken over East Anglia and captured its pious king, Edmund. Beocca reveals that Uhtred is in fact in Winchester. Alfred is upset as Uhtred has broken his peace. He’s trying to find a candle that burns from midday to midday. Unbeknownst to them, Æthelwold eavesdrops from the hall. Should the ransom be too great, Æthelflæd should be encouraged to take her own life for the greater good of the kingdom. Alfred states that Æthelflæd has her mother’s courage, and it is why she will survive this ordeal. Aldhelm wonders what bargain was struck in Northumbria to allow the brothers to leave with their lives. ("Episode 3.7"), Alfred asks about the marriage arrangements. However, Uhtred refuses and leaves. ("Episode 1.8"), Uhtred claims they come on behalf of the king. Father Beocca is willing to search for him. ("Episode 2.3"), Uhtred returns to Winchester. ("Episode 3.2"), Alfred continues to document his life as king. In order for the land and trade to flourish, there must be peace. The North has proved elusive for Wessex since Saxons don't have a reliable leader to consolidate power there. When he persists, Uhtred strikes him. ("Episode 3.5"), Edward tells Alfred that he’s given his word to Uhtred to expect an army at Beamfleot. Alfred takes his child and rejoices. At the meeting, Danish Earls Ubba and Guthrum arrive. ("Episode 1.4"), Uhtred quickly confronts Alfred about the outstanding debt. Brother Godwin remarks that Gisela was a pagan whore who never should’ve been buried on blessed grounds to begin with. ("Episode 2.4"), Coccham, Uhtred's Wessex Estate. Æthelred is also willing to bequeath her titled lands in order to strengthen the union between Mercia and Wessex. Without the money, Æthelflæd will be humped by every Dane as far as the eye can see. ("Episode 1.5"), Young Odda tells Alfred that progress is made daily and that he should come to Cynuit to inspect the building work for the church he’s having built there. ("Episode 2.1"), Winchester; Kingdom of Wessex. She questions why Alfred eats meat when he knows it brings sickness. None of which will mention Uhtred. Alfred asks him to assure that Ceolwulf is returned to his family. Alfred needs Uhtred more than Uhtred needs Alfred; Alfred needs to build a nation, Uhtred doesn't. ("Episode 3.8"), Rather than attending the wedding, Beocca takes Uhtred to meet with Alfred in his Reading Room. Alfred and Ælswith then remind Ceolwulf of the letters they sent regarding a suitor for Æthelflæd. Ælswith adds that it’s too late and that Uhtred can be across the seas by now. They have many raiders from the Daneland. Alfred can’t trust Uhtred as he behaves like a spy, floats into Daneland and back again, tells half-truths, keeps secrets and refuses to accept the existence of the one, true God. Alfred and Ælswith assure Ceolwulf that Wessex will give them swords. ("Episode 3.9"), Winchester has learned of Alfred's death. ("Episode 1.5"), Alfred asks about the men in the camp. Odda suggests releasing Ragnar and Brida to find Uhtred. They wish to discuss the strength of the union between their children. "Episode 3.9" (alive)"Episode 3.10" (corpse) To ensure the transition goes smoothly in a time of division and strife, Alfred's man, Lord Odda has Æthelwold kidnapped by Leofric and sent off to a monastery in Hampton. The swords of England have answered the call. She asks Alfred to rescind what he has done, but Alfred passes on before he can do so. Alfred refuses to intervene, and so Edward takes charge and leads Steapa, Beocca, and the Wessex guard into battle. Alfred appoints Halig as his second messenger. The Last Kingdom. Alfred succeeded at many things but failed terribly at being a husband. Æthelflæd is in agreement with him and wishes to help Uhtred, who has helped them many times before. Speaking directly from heaven. Alfred of Wessex was a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. This list shows the battles Alfred has participated in: The Last Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Alfred wants Steapa at Edward’s left hand and Uhtred at his right. Beocca suggests a party of sorts. He also confronts Young Odda for not telling them the truth behind Ubba’s death. Alfred suspects that Æthelwold has returned for reasons other than forgiveness and should be watched. He orders Beocca to send word to Æthelred. Alfred will require a list of suitors. Forgiving Uhtred would have saved Wessex. Æthelflæd eavesdrops as they discuss the price of her marriage. A formidable and infamous Danish warlord, Earl Ragnar is fearless, charming, and a natural leader, and doesn't hesitate to take Uhtred under his wing. Uhtred is certain that Bloodhair will raid and encourages Alfred to attack first. "Death of Kings" When Beocca traveled to Dunholm, it was Æthelwold who welcomed him. Retrieved from " https://the-last-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Æthelflæd?oldid=20158 ". In the show, The Last Kingdom, the main protagonist Uhtred of Bebbenburg, a child who is the rightful heir to his land, tries to flee, after the Danes raid his kingdom. S2 The Last Kingdom (2015– ) Full Cast & Crew. Again, Ceolwulf wants swords, even as Alfred proposes an alliance. Guthrum demands payment in land, silver, grain, and livestock for peace whilst Ubba would simply appreciate Uhtred's head. Uhtred tells Alfred that he would have never killed him, not even when he held the knife to his throat. Edward claims that this isn’t true and wishes to see her, but Ælswith refuses. Aldhelm tells the king that Uhtred’s insolence cannot go unpunished. Instead, Alfred and his Witan plotted to have Steapa kill Uhtred if he looked like he could accrue power. King Alfred, Æthelwold, Æthelred, Aldhelm, and Steapa lead an army of warriors to stop Odda and the Devonshire fyrd. Historically Alfred, portrayed by David Dawson, needed Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) as much as Uhtred needed him, but that didn't make them friends. He wants to take them out in a single defining battle. ("Episode 2.8"), King Alfred and Odda learn from a messenger from Canterbury that the Northmen are crossing the river and raiding directly into Wessex. Alfred orders Steapa to put a watch on Gisela until Uhtred’s return. ("Episode 3.5"), Off in the woods, Alfred, Edward, Steapa, Beocca, and the Wessex guard watch as Uhtred and his men are surrounded by Hæsten and an army of Danes. His father was King Æthelwulf, and he succeeded his brother King Æthelred following battle against the Danes. Alfred raises his cup to Uhtred, the true lord of Bebbanburg, who without, Alfred would not have died a king. Which he doesn’t. Leofric claims that he didn’t follow anyone and that he acted of his own will. Odda reminds Alfred how he chose Wessex over his child and advises Alfred to consider doing the same. Alfred and Ælswith tells him that they will be cared for. Against this turbulent backdrop lives our hero, Uhtred. ("Episode 3.4"), Lord Æthelhelm arrives in Winchester and meets with Alfred and Edward. ("Episode 3.1"), Alfred and Ælswith watch as Steapa trains Edward to fight. ("Episode 3.1"), Uhtred takes Alfred to see Skade. Beocca is taken by surprise though he ensures that Ælswith and Edward remain unharmed. Uhtred and Finan join them, greeting Steapa at the door. Others might lay claim to the throne. First Appearance She tells him that he will not see another summer but his name will live on as the first, the last and only king of all Saxons. He was the youngest son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex. ("Episode 1.7"), Uhtred informs Leofric and Alfred that the Danes' ships are guarded by no more than 60 men. It didn't come to that because Uhtred kept his end of the deal but it was still evil of Alfred. Wessex shall soon be Edward’s. To make it Saxon once again would bring hope. And regardless of Uhtred’s answer, he is pardoned all the same. King Alfred defeated the Norse at the Battle of Edington, secured a treaty defining his kingdom and the Danelaw with Earl Guthrum, and made Guthrum convert to Christianity under the name King Æthelstan of East Anglia. ("Episode 1.5"), Uhtred and Æthelwold are taken before the village by Wulfhere and forced to grovel. 2017-10-08 - This Pin was discovered by Catelyn "Kalla". Alfred invited him and asks if Ælswith keep this matter to herself. ("Episode 2.7"), Odda recalls Alfred speaking of paying for Æthelflæd's release in one of two ways-with silver, or with blood. The situation got even worse when he decided to take away Ecgwynn's children. He assures them that Uhtred won’t win. Disc 3 - The Last Kingdom Season One: Creating the World of The Last Kingdom; The Making of The Last Kingdom Should he die, Ælswith tells Alfred that he will never leave her. Alfred of Wessex was a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. After the remaining Danes are killed, they watch as the ships go up in flames. They’ve taken a man’s wife and daughter. He is Mercia. So, Uhtred turns down his offer. He continues to insult Gisela even as Uhtred commands him to stop. Skade remarks that Alfred reeks of death. Edward refuses to back down and begs his father to listen to him. Alfred insists that Edward will be king. However, Alfred didn't seem to care about this as he had no qualms in breaking up the marriage and force Egwynn into a nunnery. He informs them that the Ubba and the Danes have been defeated. Alfred questions what secrets Æthelwold has discovered. RELATED: The Last Kingdom: Why Edward Is Bad For The Saxons (& Why He Will Be Their Savior). Such an oath would be for the rest of his life. However, he was the rightful choice, as is Edward. They arrive on land and cross paths with Wulfhere’s man, Halig. Alfred was a noble; he was born a prince of. Uhtred meant no disrespect and apologizes. The priest will fetch men because without men, passage to the south would be impossible. Rescuing Guthred to become the king of Northumbria was Alfred's idea, although he realized it may finally give Uhtred the freedom he always sought. Alfred will send word and ask for word regarding Æthelflæd’s health. Æthelwold claims that he went to spy on the Danes. She tells him to ask whatever it is that he must. Beocca joins them and informs them that he is to be married. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He has been thinking of Northumbria. The Danes have well over 1,000 men in London. Do they not have the same effect? Alfred had been looking for a way to force Uhtred to swear loyalty to Edward, but blackmailing him because of an accident was unfair and not the way to do it. He then orders Bishop Erkenwald to escort Edward to the nearest monastery. The Saxon Stories tell the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants through the eyes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways. RELATED: The Last Kingdom: 5 Times Uhtred Saved Winchester (& 5 Times Winchester Failed Him). He should’ve had watchers and spies on lookout. Alfred tells Edward that his actions were worthy of a king and invites him to sit. Although, Edward may take a different view. They proceed to talk about God and how he often works through Uhtred, such as when he broke the shield wall at Ethandun. Beocca then notices Young Odda, Leofric, and Wulfhere approaching. Uhtred and Beocca advise Alfred to hide while they assess the area. With no other option, Alfred hands Edward over to Uhtred. Alfred tells him that if the stories are indeed true, he would be glad to welcome him into his service. There are two Northmen, Sigefrid and Erik, two Godless brothers with a voracious appetite for land, silver, slaves and war. He eventually styled himself as the "King of the Anglo-Saxons", and is driven by a vision for a … ("Episode 1.7"), Uhtred follows Alfred into the tall grass. If, like me, you love sweeping, epic adventure, then you’ve probably been glued to The Last Kingdom on Netflix. This is the work of Skorpa and Uhtred, Brother Asser claims. Uhtred had a hard time converting to Christianity because Ragnar, a Dane, brought him up. They must fight the pagans with Christian prayers and the blood of English men. In knocking him to the ground, Uhtred kills Brother Godwin unintentionally. Gisela brings them refreshments. ("Episode 2.7"), A Witan is held in Winchester. However, Uhtred continues to behave as if he were his own man, Alfred counters. Abbot Eadred of Cumbraland dreamed of a likeness and it spoke to him. He intends to march against Beamfleot. He gifts Uhtred with a Saxon mail coat and helmet and promises him a Saxon marriage which will entitle him to Wessex lands and therefore an Ealdorman title. Alfred reveals that his distrust of the Danes stems from their desire for personal gain and pleasure without sacrifice. He reports back to the witan that the Danes, led by Guthrum, plan to attack--and soon. The Last Kingdom Series.